Technical Writing

Technical writing is a term used to describe a broad category of non-fiction writing, often associated with computer-related products. The technical writing I have been involved in includes:

The majority of technical writing is performed using computer-based tools. For example, online help is typically written using a Help Authoring Tool or HAT. This is not always the case. The files that are specific to Windows platforms are typically compiled from text files using Microsoft® tools, so it is possible to author these using a text editor. Some formats, such as Windows® CE Help or PegHelp, are not well supported by HATs and may require authoring as text.

The HATs I have used for technical authoring include:

ForeHelp was originally produced by ForeFront, Inc. but the company closed and product development stopped. However, ForeHelp is still able to produce working HTML Help and compiled CHM files. After ForeFront closed, ForeHelp's platform-independent InterHelp format HTML-based help code was bought by ComponentOne for inclusion in the Doc-To-Help product, which is still under active development and support.